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Paw Butter - Moger Dog Supply

Paw Butter

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Introducing our Paw Butter for Dogs - the ultimate solution to ruggedly protect your loyal companion's paws. Handcrafted with meticulous care, this all-natural balm boasts a potent blend of moisturizing ingredients. Whether your pup is a spirited adventurer or enjoys lounging with a sense of purpose, this paw butter delivers the moisture and shields their paws crave.



Moisturizing: Oils dive deep to quench and fortify your dog's paw pads, thwarting dryness and cracks. It leaves their paws tough yet tender, primed for every escapade.

Native Remedies:  A rugged healer, expertly alleviates distressed or wounded paw skin, championing swift recovery and enduring paw well-being.

Guardian Shield: Beeswax forms an impenetrable barrier against Mother Nature's wild side. It fends off fiery pavements, frosty pathways, and untamed terrains, securing against harm.

Conditioning: Coconut oil fuels the essential fatty acids crucial for paw vitality. Its innate antibacterial and antifungal properties ensure their paws remain pristine and resilient.

No-Nonsense Application: Our butter applies seamlessly, allowing you to effortlessly include it in your dog's daily regime.


Keep their paws unyielding, agile, and ready for whatever challenges come their way.

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