Ways to Bond With Your Dog

Bond with a Dog


Every relationship requires some level of effort to grow into a stronger bond. Be it a mother-daughter bond or a husband-wife connection; every relationship needs time and care to blossom. And that holds for a pert parent's relationship with their dog. 

Dogs are pretty much like humans in how they respond to love and affection. You shower them with hugs and kisses, and they will return your expression of love tenfold. So simply put, you show your fur child how much you care for them, and they will most likely reciprocate your feelings, and voila! You have an unbreakable bond with them. 

That said, sometimes pet parents want to further strengthen their relationship with their canine companion, turning it into a relationship that goes beyond the regular pet-owner association. If you want that to be the case with you and your doggo, here are 6 things you can do to better your bond with your dog. 

Play Together

It goes without saying that playing together is the easiest way to bond with a dog- or any pet for that matter. If you want to take your relationship with your furry friend, you should do fun activities together, such as playing Frisbee or even hide and seek. 

The more time you spend frolicking with your dog, the closer it will come to you. 

Work Out Together

Workout buddies often become lifelong friends after bonding over weights and kettlebells, pumping iron together. While you cannot do that with your doggie (you cannot take them to the gym), you can still get in a daily workout with them. 

Every morning take your furball out for a run, or you can even include them in your workout routine. How you ask? Have them be your weights and resistance during circuits. For example, have them sit on your back while you do pushups or hold them while you do lunges or squats. 

Long story short, you must engage in physical activity with your dog to strengthen your bond. 

Give Them Toys

As pet parents, one may think that all they need to give their fur child are dog supplies such as collars, and that'll be all. Well, that's not true! 

Like human children, fur kids love to play with toys, which you can easily find if you look up ‘best canine toys.’

Things like chew bones for teething or plushies for snuggling, you can give your furry pal endless items to stay entertained. But remember to show them what to do with the toys, this way, you will come closer to your four-legged companion. 

If you simply leave the dog toys before them, you will not be strengthening your bond. Just giving material things will not bring you and your furry friend close; you will have to get involved as well!

Have Cuddling Sessions

Who doesn't like to cuddle every once in a while? Pretty much everyone wants to hold their loved ones and be held unless someone is not good at expressing love. But thankfully, that's not an issue with dogs. 

Once your dog friend starts trusting you, they will love to have cuddling sessions. Try to hold them often and be gentle so that they enjoy being held; otherwise, they might want to run away every time they see you!

Hand Feed Your Pet

Sure, you have a perfectly well dog bowl to give your fur child food, but that is not enough to show them what they mean to you. Sometimes, you should hand feed your canine companion to make them feel loved. 

Moreover, you can make delicious treats for your four-legged friend according to the season and let them have those while you have your snack side by side. For example, make yummy summer bites for your doggo to help them beat the heat, and while they have their frozen snack, you can have an ice cream by their side. Think of it as a quick date with your fuzzy buddy!

Word of Caution

Just to be safe, consult your veterinarian before giving your dog any new item to eat because you never know what can be harmful to your little one's sensitive tum-tum. 

Communicate Consistently 

Although dogs are intelligent and can pick up cues, they cannot read minds. You need to be clear in what you want to say to your furry friend. Don't expect them to magically know what you want them to do and that they'll do it.

Be crystal clear with your instructions when training your pooch. Showering dogs in love is all good and needed for a stronger bond, but that doesn't mean you can be wishy-washy with their training. 

Train your furry little one right and reward them with treats and toys for good behavior. Such positive reinforcement will not only teach your doggie to follow commands but also make them love you more! After all, you will be giving them cute little gifts; they will go head over heels in love with you for sure!

Ending Note

If you recently got a canine companion or have had one for a while, you can never go wrong with a bit of effort to strengthen your bond with them. Give the tips mentioned in this article a shot and see how your sidekick falls for you real hard!

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