8 Benefits of Using an All-Natural Dog Shampoo for Your Pooch

As a pet parent, you only want the best for your canine companion, even when it comes to choosing their shampoo. Dogs have sensitive skin exposed to many environmental pollutants

and allergens, requiring regular cleaning, brushing, and grooming. Choosing the right bathing product is essential to keep your dog’s coat clean, healthy, and oh-so-shiny.

At Moger Dog Supply, we are passionate pet parents just like you, and we understand the deep love you have for your loyal companion. That’s why we have developed a wide range of reliable products, including our all-natural dog shampoo to prioritize the safety and well-being of your pets. Our soothing formula is carefully formulated to provide a refreshing and wholesome bath experience, leaving your pet squeaky clean and smelling fresh for longer.

 In this blog, you’ll learn the benefits of natural dog shampoos and why they’re the perfect choice for your precious dogs.

Free From Harsh Chemicals and Irritants

Dogs are natural explorers and they love exploring the outdoors, rolling around in their favorite spots, which can leave their coats dirty and tangled. You need a shampoo that not only cleans them but also soothes their skin, and an all-natural shampoo provides exactly that.

Regular shampoos consist of sulfates, parabens, artificial fragrances, and many other chemicals that could potentially harm your pet’s coat and sensitive skin. On the other hand, natural dog shampoos are free from these harsh ingredients and use gentle, nourishing ingredients such as aloe vera, oatmeal, and cucumber. These natural ingredients offer soothing properties to alleviate irritation, itching, or redness. Such shampoos promote shiny and healthy coats, leaving your dog feeling fresh and clean, without the risk of irritating their skin.

Gentle Formulation, Perfect for All Skin Types

Just like us, dogs also have different skin types and sensitivities. Some might have more delicate skin that requires extra care. Using regular shampoos might increase the risk of triggering

allergic reactions like rashes, hot spots, or itchiness. Natural dog shampoos use gentle formulations; the lack of harsh chemicals and ingredients makes them perfect for all skin types. By using such shampoo, you can be worry-free that this product won’t trigger your pet’s allergies or sensitivities.

Most regular shampoos also use artificial fragrances that can be overwhelming to dogs’ sensitive noses. Natural shampoos have natural scents, derived from essential oils that not only ensure a comfortable bathing experience but also leave your pup smelling amazing without an overpowering scent.

A brown dog is taking a bath

Soft and Glossy Coats

If you feel that your dog’s coat has become dry and dull over time, it’s time to switch their shampoo. Besides irritating your their skin, the chemicals in regular shampoos can also make dog’s coat dry and dull, stripping away the natural oils. Natural shampoos are effective enough to thoroughly clean your dog but gentle at the same time to maintain their healthy and lustrous coats. Due to their nutrient-rich ingredients, your dog’s coat looks soft, shiny, and glossy after each bath.

More Effective for Cleaning

When it comes to keeping your dog clean and fresh, using a dog shampoo specially formulated for their unique needs is essential. Unlike other shampoos, all-natural dog shampoos are made using ingredients that cater to the sensitive nature of the dog’s skin and coat. These shampoos help thoroughly clean dirt, grime, and odor to deliver superior results. Generic shampoos don’t offer the same cleanliness as natural dog shampoos and may also irritate the skin of your dog.

Long-Term Wellbeing of Your Dog

The nutrient-rich ingredients in natural shampoos not only clean dogs but also ensure their long-term well-being. Each ingredient is carefully selected keeping the long-term health benefits in mind and the gentle formulations prevent common issues such as dandruff, dryness, and excessive shedding. Moreover, these shampoos use essential oils that naturally repel ticks, fleas, and other critters, keeping your pup itch-free.

Two cheery dogs are playing outside

Calming Bath Experience

Calming bath experience is another great benefit of natural dog shampoo. After a whole day of playing around, your pooch also needs pampering and spa treatment. The soothing and relaxing properties of natural ingredients create a calming bath experience for your dog. It helps them become refreshed and reenergized while washing away all the dirt and grime.

Balanced and Healthy Skin pH

By choosing a natural shampoo, you’re providing your pup with a cleansing experience that respects the natural pH levels of their skin. Conventional shampoos with harsh chemicals disrupt their pH balance, leading to potential skin issues for your dog. The gentle and pH-balanced formulation in natural shampoos restores their skin’s balance, keeping it hydrated and healthy.

A balanced pH and healthy skin barrier are crucial for your dogs, it protects them from environmental pollutants, allergens, and other issues. 

Safe for You

It’s also important to look for a shampoo that’s safe for you and doesn’t irritate your skin. This is a crucial factor when choosing a dog shampoo that most pet parents overlook. Sometimes regular dog shampoos contain harsh detergents that not only irritate their skin but also leave your hands dry or cause dermal issues like allergies, rashes, or itching. Natural dog shampoos are safe for all skin types, even yours. They are gentle and won’t irritate your skin or cause any side effects that chemical shampoos may have caused. 

Get Your Hands on the Perfect Dog Shampoo

Your dog deserves the best, and our all-natural dog shampoo ensures they look, smell, and feel their absolute best!

We know that your dog’s health is of utmost importance to you, and that’s why Moger Dog Supply has created the perfect natural shampoo for your loyal companion made with high-quality natural ingredients. Our team steers clear of harsh chemicals, sulfates, artificial fragrances, and parabens, providing a safe and gentle product.

Aloe and oatmeal dog shampoo

Our shampoo consists of ingredients like aloe vera, oatmeal, and cucumber melon, known for their soothing and replenishing properties. It hydrates your pet’s coat and skin while alleviating dirt, itching, and irritation, and promoting a shiny, well-groomed coat.

With Moger Dog Supply’s oatmeal dog shampoo, bath time becomes a spa-like experience for your dog. We also offer other products such as natural dog treats, leather dog collars, leather dog leashes, and more. Explore our complete range here or reach out to us to place an order right away.

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